After the initial call or meeting we get to know your brand and advise you on what is the best package for you or we create a custom one.

Build a Profile

We then do our research and create your own individual STRATEGY profile, with online look, messages, hashtags, communication style, Google AdWords, automatic responses, competitors analysis and more. Think of this as a guideline for your future online presence.


We choose available content for you / give you a brief and wait for you to create the content / or introduce you to our team who can create the content for you (unless your content is already prepared)


After you approved monthly content for your social media pages, we choose a launch date and start to post.

Teething Period

There is a teething period before your profile looks genuine, professional and with enough followers for credibility.


Then we start to communicate with your audience, regular posting, commenting and sharing.


Watch your brand look, followers and brand awareness grow!

Monthly you will receive an update on how your social platforms are doing with advice and comments on your content.

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